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Why be an Aide?
We at Adventure Aide strongly believe that 99% of people would choose spending their days chasing their passions, whatever they may be, over the typical 9–5 desk job. Adventure Aide was created to give everyone the opportunity to live this ideal. 

As an Aide, you have the opportunity to make money through the passions that you love. With a local’s knowledge and the motivation of spending your time in ways that inspire you, you will create unforgettable experiences for others.
Get paid
Easily get paid after each adventure when you link your bank account through the app.
You're covered
Our insurance policy covers our Aides up to a million dollars per occurrence. You are protected in the case of accidents and injuries during adventures you lead.
Do what you love
Create adventures you love at a price you choose. Set a schedule that works for your life. Own your adventures.
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